A multidisciplinary organization made up of professionals with extensive experience who are specialized in the area of their services they offer and provide valuable and excellent services to its clients.. 



Based in Ghana the firm services includes the areas : Website Developing and Management | Software Development and Management | I.T Networking |Brand Developing and Management (Cooperate Branding) | Content Writing | Event Planning and management | Digital Advertising | Sales, Maintenance and Repairs of I.C.T devices and gadgets | General and Industrial Safety Consultancy | Business Consultancy etc….

Judarks World is a registered business entity under the laws of Ghana.



  • Ceaselessly enhance our norms of administration to surpass the desires for our customers.
  • Acting capably in each network we work, exchange of learning and limit working among the youth and neighborhood accomplices. 


  • To become one of the premier service provider for Information Communication Technology (I.C.T) sector / industry.

Few Facts

  • Judarks World actually represent “Jude’s Ark”. OUR WORLD OF IMAGINATION
  • Judarks is inter-connected (partnered) to many multimedia and I.C.T firms to bring out the best you can ever imagine.
  • Judarks initially operated in an open Restaurant. “Basilissa Tema”


We’re proud of our team, and welcome anyone with that same sparkle and passion.